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Fraud and Market Manipulation

Whistleblowers can expose Ponzi schemes, insider trading, lies crypto companies tell their investors, and knowingly false promises of astronomical returns on investments.

Rules against market manipulation that have governed traditional finance also apply in the crypto sphere. The SEC and CFTC want to hear from whistleblowers about manipulations like wash trading, frontrunning, spoofing, and pump and dump schemes.

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Money Laundering

Crypto exchanges and many other crypto businesses must have anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) programs to prevent criminals from using their service to launder criminal proceeds or evade US sanctions. If you blow the whistle on a crypto business for failing to comply with its KYC or AML obligations, you could earn up to 30% of the total monetary sanctions collected as a result of your information.

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Tax Evasion

The IRS requires taxpayers to report all income or gains from transactions in cryptocurrency to the IRS. For the most part, reporting crypto earnings is on the honor system. If you know anyone using crypto to hide their income from the IRS or who has failed to report their crypto earnings to the IRS, you can blow the whistle.

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Get Paid for Tips

  • Earn a cut of up to 30% of what the US Government recovers based on your tip.
  • As of year-end 2022, the SEC has imposed approximately $2.61 billion in monetary penalties in the crypto space, with approximately $242 million from settlements reached in 2022.

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