We are Levy Firestone Muse

Cryptowhistleblower.com is run by Levy Firestone Muse, an international law firm headquartered in Washington, DC.

Our attorneys have represented whistleblowers for decades, among them, one of the principal whistleblowers in the WorldCom accounting scandal; the whistleblower whose information led to the largest drug safety settlement to date with a generic drug manufacturer ($500 million paid by Ranbaxy); and one of the most significant crypto whistleblowers to date (who remains anonymous and is awaiting resolution of whistleblower claims made with the US government by our firm).

Our lawyers have worked in the White House, the Department of Justice, and the United States Senate. Our ranks include some of the most sought-after litigators and congressional advocates in Washington. We have deep connections in Washington that we leverage for our clients. And we bring decades of experience to guiding our whistleblower clients through the numerous challenges that arise.

daren portrait

Daren H. Firestone


A former federal prosecutor and White House attorney, Mr. Firestone is a trial lawyer with a wide-ranging litigation practice that includes investigations, white-collar defense, civil litigation, plaintiff matters, and whistleblower representation. Mr. Firestone founded www.cryptowhistleblower.com to help whistleblowers earn rewards by exposing fraud in the crypto space.

bob portrait

Robert F. Muse


Bob Muse is a partner at Levy Firestone Muse LLP and one of Washington’s leading trial lawyers. A fixture of the D.C. legal community for many years, Bob has represented clients in some of the highest profile civil, criminal and congressional matters.

josh portrait

Joshua A. Levy


Mr. Levy’s practice encompasses commercial litigation and complex white collar matters with a specialty in the representation of clients under investigation by the Justice Department, grand juries, Congress, government enforcement agencies, inspector generals, and internal corporate inquiries.

monique portrait

Monique T. Abrishami


Ms. Abrishami is an experienced trial attorney and former federal prosecutor. Her practice includes white-collar criminal defense and investigations, complex civil litigation, and whistleblower representation.

rachel portrait

Rachel Clattenburg


Ms. Clattenburg is a member of the firm’s litigation and investigations practice groups. She has represented clients in high profile, high stakes investigations and litigation.

maggie portrait

Margaret E. Whitney


Ms. Whitney practices in the areas of government investigations and complex commercial litigation, and she is one of Washington’s foremost authorities on the federal government nominations process.